“A Women’s Journal" was created and directed by Khary Darlignton in 2005. Due to a

personal tragedy, he saw the need for a platform where women from different backgrounds, religions and social classes could share their stories. Fast forward to 2019, an introduction connected Khary with Antionette Ball, Founder of The Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project, Inc. (WEOP). This unique partnership brings together two organizations with over thirty years of combined experience working with

women the opportunity to collaborate with this project.

The Women’s Journal is a platform that features stories from celebrities, entrepreneurs,

and business professionals sharing real life experiences, challenges and triumphs.

Khary’s Darlington story and inspiration for launching “A Woman’s journal in 2005:

June 17th 2005, my mother and I were attending a close friend’s wedding reception when I received a phone call telling me my father had been rushed to the hospital. Upon arrival, the doctor informed us that my father suffered a massive heart attack and they were unable to revive him. The details after are still a little hazy, but there are a few things that remain very clear. I remember picking my mother up from the hospital floor, my brother’s face when he arrived, how kind the nurse was and walking out of my father’s room to see my mother’s support unit of close friends and family members waiting on us.

My mother was devastated.

My brother and I lost our father, but my mother lost the partner she built her life with;

she lost her husband of 32 years. At age 57, my mother was entering the biggest

transition of her life.

As weeks passed, I sat around seeing woman after woman come around to share their

experiences, struggles and obstacles while in transition. However, they also shared their

victories and triumphs. I sat in awe listening to these beautiful testimonies from these women of different backgrounds, religions and social classes. What was even more fulfilling was seeing how their stories helped my mother start to rebuild the pieces of her

life that were shattered when my father died. This led me to search the internet for a venue that offered women the ability to share their personal stories and provide emotional and mental support for other women in transition, I found none. So, I decided to create one. I wanted to give others the same opportunity to have such a positive support unit to help them through their time of transition and need. This is the inspiration of A Woman’s Journal. I hope that you find it to be a support and inspiration in your times of need.


Antionette Ball, Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project, Inc. (WEOP) – joining the partnership


As the founder of a women’s organization, I have the pleasure of coming in contact with thousands of women. I continue to be inspired by their amazing stories that involve​ personal challenges, business successes and all the issues that are common to women from all walks of life. I am touched by the stories and I learn from their words of

wisdom, experiences, resilience and strength. I understand that my personal journey is

lived by other women and I no longer feel alone. Their stories have had a tremendous

impact on my life and have been instrumental in providing me with wisdom, motivation

and possibility.

Our stories are a gift to a generation of women who are trying to find their way. We can use our stories to teach, inspire, expand perspectives and help to make a difference in the world. When I had the opportunity to be introduced to the creator of “A Woman’s Journal”, Khary Darlington, I was overwhelmed by his commitment to elevate the perspectives of women. I was inspired by the response that I have seen from watching the videos created.

I am excited to partner to inspire and reach the lives of many more women in an

authentic and personal way. Together we can create a movement where the voices of

women can be heard.

It was at that moment that I wanted to be a part of a project that I could share the stories of WEOP women. With I knew that this would be a great collaboration and provide the opportunity for WEOP to be part of a project that is meaningful to women.

Which is why a partnership with “ A Woman’s Journal” and The Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project, Inc. (WEOP), is a perfect union that can lead to a world of possibilities. We can combine our efforts, expertise and our passion with stories that can motivate, inspire, reach and impact the lives of thousands.

Together, we continue the movement, our voices will not be silenced, and we will

be heard!